If you’re like me, you like to work with, associate with & do business with positive people who have a bigger vision than simply serving themselves. Whilst it’s natural & inherent to fend for ourselves & our loved ones first, my belief is that we each have purpose & talents & that as individuals we are here to learn to work with & serve other people. Indeed what is any business if not being in service as a solution provider to solve other people’s challenges?

Contribution is at the very core of what we are about. Indeed, the primary drive & purpose behind me creating this platform and what we offer is to encourage you (& others) to create, connect & contribute your message (be that for a business, service, talent, hobby or philanthropic venture) to a wider audience, thus enabling you (& collectively – us all) to serve more people and contribute towards a better world.

From a purely business point of view, we get rewarded for the level (& quality) of service we bring into this world. So if you reach more people you can generate more interest, attention, exposure and income. From a higher perspective, it’s part of our collective duty & purpose as fellow humans.

I have always believed in giving back to those less fortunate and I constantly dedicate time, resource & effort to help projects or causes close to my heart. I have lived & worked as a volunteer project manager for multiple months at a time with young people for the esteemed Youth Development Charity Raleigh International in both Africa & Central America. I have done many fundraising adventure activities for causes including Cystic Fibrosis, Tony Robbin’s Basket Brigade, Liverpool Youth Employability Programme, Herts Young Homeless & Smile On Sri Lanka among others.

The secret to living is giving
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In 2016 I will be leading a team of volunteers (alongside a childhood school-friend) back to Peru for the third time to complete our long term (5 year) project to help build homes for 100 families. This is a partnership between 2 excellent grassroots initiatives, Project Peru & Amoria Bond Charitable Trust. All fundraising goes exactly where it’s meant to….to the projects on the ground without funds being consumed on expensive administration or overheads. The projects are run by good, devoted people who are passionate about making a difference. And make a difference they do. The project works on many levels: cross cultural interchange, creating employment & homes for locals in need & teaching & learning with children in need. This PDF outlines some of the key lessons & insights gained from this experience in Las Laderas, Peru: Click here to view

Each of the Amoria Bond volunteers will be taking a week of their unpaid annual holiday, pay their own air fares & needs to fundraise a minimum of £1000. The raw material cost of a new home is £600. We then live at the Project Peru children’s refuge where we integrate with the youngsters in care & by day we work alongside the locals, in the community building the homes. This short video explains the project

I am also passionate about the excellent work of Dr Menis Yousry & the Essence Foundation (for more info click here). I have devoted months of time both behind the scenes & in supporting, running both the sound & assisting teams around the world alongside Dr Menis. He is making a very real & deep difference to 1000’s of people around the world, week in, week out as he compassionately & skillfully runs deep, transformative & healing experiential personal development courses. It was a pleasure to help him secure his publishing contract with HayHouse (the world’s leading mind, body & spirit publisher). The book has now been translated into 6 languages and we also delivered a global HayHouse Radio series together, reaching audiences far & wide.

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Rest assured that when you choose to do business with me & my team, you are choosing to do business with an ethical business and a percentage of any business goes towards enabling the initiatives we support.

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A few of the causes I have supported, spearheaded &/or championed
Emergency Roofing for family
Smile on Sri Lanka – Children’s Education Sponsorship
Dr Menis Yousry & The Essence Process

Hear what participants of The Essence Process Course say about their experience!
Liverpool School’s Employability Programme
Amoria Bond Charitable Trust, Las Laderas
Project Peru

A summary of my experience & lessons learnt working with international youth development charity Raleigh International: Click here to view

Lessons & take-aways from living with the children in the home & working building homes with the locals in Las Laderas, Peru: Click here to view

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