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How to play YouTube in the background on your iPhone or iPad

YouTube videos cutting out the moment you come out of the YouTube app or web browser app on iPhones & iPads has been a source of huge frustration for millions of Apple iOS users for years. It meant you couldn’t use any of the other features on your device (emails, apps, messenger etc) without your YouTube playback cutting out. So frustrating!

Anyhow, due to my personal need (& want) to overcome this, I sussed out a workaround, so created this video for people like yourself….

10 Facts You Need To Know About Online Video

Online Video Marketing Facts

No matter whatever your business, product, service or project….online video is the biggest opportunity for you.
This short video shares 10 facts you need to know and I’d love to share a free copy of my new book ‘101 Ways to Use Online Video’ which will help you understand the multiple opportunities available. To get instant access just click here http://bit.ly/101WaysToUseVideoBook

A video tip which could be worth £1000’s – how to speed up YouTube playback!

Learn how to playback YouTube videos quicker so you can watch & listen to content quicker or consume more in the same amount of time! In life our most valuable resource is our time. Every moment that passes is a proverbial grain of sand that’s slipped away in the hourglass of our life, never to be regained.

All the most successful & conscious people are aware of the importance of time and how we decide to use it. Indeed it’s the cumulation of our decisions of how to use it which determine our overall outcome, happiness & results in life.

With this in mind, I constantly get asked ‘is it possible to playback YouTube videos faster?’, ‘can I listen to YouTube audio quicker?’, ‘is there a way to save time when playing back YouTube videos?’. The answers are ‘Yes, Yes & Yes!’.

I’ve created this video to help give you back more of your time, so that you have more of it to do other things you want to, with the people you want.

If you place a value on your time (bearing in mind most people exchange their time for money – be that in a job, consulting or delivering services for which they are paid hourly for) then this one tip alone could be worth £1000’s.

Enjoy the tip & please get in touch if you have any questions.

With love, respect & gratitude



Don’t miss out! – What delegates are saying about the latest training….

If we get the chance, I’d love to share the new content & tips I have been putting together & sharing around the world. I’m just putting together a whole range of online training programmes & courses to make it easier than ever to access the training.

However in the meantime there are new courses lined up:

Midlands 1 & 2 April – http://www.TheJetPackWorkshop.co.uk

London 8th April – bit.ly/AprilVideoWorkshop
Darling Buds Farm – Ashford, Kent – 10th April – bit.ly/AprilVideoWorkshop

This is some feedback just from the past month…

Can’t wait to share with you. Have an amazing day x

Grab yourself a FREE copy of my NEW BOOK…plus BONUSES!

New book by Ben Brophy - 101 Ways to grow any business using online video

I’m delighted to announce that my new book is completed & I’d love to give you a copy.

If you didn’t know, video is the fastest growth area online & over 80% of all internet traffic will be video related by 2019.

You NEED to know about it and in this book I give you 101 ways video can be used online & I GUARANTEE you’ll be able to immediately apply at least 10 uses to your project or service.

Just leave me a message in the web contact form at the very bottom of this page & I’ll ensure you get a copy of the book plus some bonus content.

I know you’re going to get a lot from this book!

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