What do you do?

Ultimately we are all here to help people. I use my experience, skills, resources & insight to help many people. This short video will give a ‘helicopter view’ of what I am about & what I do….


Why do you do what you do?

I love to assist people & help them to live a more fulfilled & satisfied life, empowering them to use tools & resources which enable them to be much more effective. This in turn helps them to save money, effort & time, so that they have even more time to spend doing the things they love, with the people they want to be around….whilst being happier & achieving better results. Ultimately, I can help people to rapidly achieve results…..there is no need for them to try and figure it all out themselves & reinvent the proverbial wheel!

By sharing knowledge & skills that I have acquired on my path (along with other experts) I am able to help people & businesses to share more of themselves, their talent (or product / service) and to reach more people and thus contribute to more people.

As well as having worked with, spoken to & coached 1000‘s of people, I have also worked behind the scenes as the invisible person on multiple projects for many clients and it was time to create & share my knowledge further & wider through my own platform & site.

If I am able to reach more people & share ideas, tips & tools that I have discovered over the past couple of decades then I am able to contribute to more people’s lives and leave a positive footprint in this world. Ultimately, that is what it is about. And if I can be rewarded for some of my content, services & the value I add to people / businesses, then that’s the bonus!


How would you describe your own work?

Easy to follow, logical, compassionate & caring, deconstructing potentially complicated material and making it very simple to understand, to ensure that anyone can achieve the desired results & outcome. My training is based upon years of experience, research & trial & error & my feel for how I myself like to be taught. Clearly, with humility & non-patronisingly.

Whilst training is for all levels of ability (& I get results & excellent feedback from people of all ages, backgrounds & competence), I never assume someone knows everything, so for example if the training is to go from ‘A to F’ then I ensure that I  cover ALL steps including B,C,D & E. Unlike some training where one or more steps is missed, which means followers often get stuck trying to figure out the missing gaps.

And I always endeavour to give of my best and deliver excellent value.


What makes your work personal to you?

Having been around the training, learning & personal development space for a couple of decades & been immersed around many of the very best in the world, I have been able to bring my own unique insights, awareness & style to my training and carve out my own topics & subjects, based upon experience, research, trial & error.

I have also assembled a team of like minded experts & service providers who share the same ethos & attitude to contribution.


What are common responses you get from people about your work?

People tell me that I have an empathic, down to earth, approachable & easy to follow method of sharing, coaching & teaching.

Dr Menis Yousry, author & founder of The Essence Foundation says:

“You bring soul & awareness to the learning space & have an ability to communicate what could be complicated information in a very logical, easy to understand & coherent manner which ensures anyone can follow.

You also have the ability to look beyond individual tools & methods and use your creative, lateral thinking to visualise & communicate the synergy, interconnectedness and potential uses of seemingly unrelated tools & resources, which helps people to get far better results.”

See what 100’s of people I’ve worked with say by clicking here


Who have been your teachers & influences?

There are too many to mention, but I have been blessed to work closely alongside some of the very best in their respective fields (and areas that interest me) including Dr Menis Yousry & HayHouse Publishers in the personal development field, Danny Rampling, Kerri Chandler & Southport Weekender in the music arena, Simon Coulson & The Internet Business School in the online training, coaching & speaking arena, Raleigh International, Amoria Bond Charitable Trust & Project Peru in the charitable sector.

I draw inspiration from all people who work with integrity pursuing their chosen passion & paths, contributing value into this world.

Growing up with conscious, soulful & loving parents exposed me to amazing music, books, courses & teachings (in my formative years) from the likes of Dr Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Louise Hay & Stuart Wilde. In my adult life I have consistently expanded my knowledge, experience & understanding of subjects & life by adopting an inquisitive & expansive approach to life….seeking out positive & life affirming experiences, people, training, resources & tools to help achieve results & happiness.


When do you feel most inspired?

I feel most inspired when I experience new places & people, when I learn new skills and when I am able to contribute & assist people & get positive & constructive feedback. When I see or hear about someone having a ‘lightbulb moment’ or insight that enables them to Also when I am locked into music, dancing & when I am in nature.


Did you set goals for yourself? Have you met any?

Yes, I have attained very many things that were previously goals or mere ‘dreams’, including speaking & teaching all over the world, publishing books & a wide range of online content, reaching millions of people for clients, playing music at my favourite festivals, working with industry leading peers & much more.

I have had some AMAZING results through the use of Visionboards – where I have put goals in visual format so that they influence . I have literally had things, people & experiences come into my reality off the back of having them on visionboards….and I have had some amazing feedback from people whom I’ve taught to do the same.


Setting up this training platform and being able to communicate & contribute to people all over the world was a big goal which, to be honest I was nervous about.

For a long time I played a smaller game, way below my innate potential for fear of stepping up and the fear of failure, being criticised, judged &/or rejected. But I realised that I was doing other people (as well as myself) a massive disservice by not sharing of myself as openly & widely as I could because of my reservations. So actually creating this and putting my head above the parapet has been a very large goal & dream, for which I am very grateful for the opportunity (& constructive feedback – please leave any suggestions at the bottom of the page).


Where do you deliver your work? Can people meet you in person?

Whilst the internet & this website are the main platforms for sharing content, me & my team are available for IN PERSON training & to deliver services.


Is there an achievement in your life you’re very proud of?
I think the combination of following my interests & passions of music, learning, teaching, sharing, personal development & travel & being able to marry them into a coherent, evolving life-style is something that I am extremely grateful for.

I’m proud of nearly completing 100 homes for marginalised people in Peru alongside my old primary school friend Daniel Daw & his team at Amoria Bond (final phase completion in summer 2017 – if you would like to contribute please click here)


What skills are you currently learning to master, or are on your to-do list?

Life is ever evolving & changing. I intend to tap into more of my potential & to share with more people around the world.

I recently turned 40 and have made a list of ’40 in 40’ – 40 things I want to Be, Do & Have in my 40th year. I believe life is ultimately about energy & experiences and I want to enjoy following my calling whilst embracing new experiences and contributing knowledge, positivity & life-force back to other people.


What are your dreams for the future?

I am positively inclined and very conscious of the interconnected nature of our thoughts & reality (which quantum physics scientifically proves)!

I dream of a more conscious future where there is more compassion, understanding & connection between people in this world. And one where we treat each other and our Mother Earth with more respect, where our actions & decisions are born out of love & not fear.

I dream that I can contribute to helping make a positive difference through my sharing & by empowering people of all ages, abilities & backgrounds to create, communicate & connect their message / service with more like minded people who are searching for what they have to offer. And that more of us willingly contribute to the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.

I dream that I continue to attract a wonderful team of teachers, assistants, service providers & customers who nurture each other and help each other grow & expand.

I dream that I continue to enjoy good health & travel, meet, create, connect & contribute to people all over the world & leave the world a better place for my being.

I dream that I meet my soulmate & raise a beautiful, happy & healthy family and my training, services & website afford me the privilege to provide comfortably for them.


Who are your happy customers? What do they have to say about you?

You can see what 100’s of people say by clicking here


Do you accept custom orders or training requests?

Yes, me & my team are always open to discuss any specific requirements.


THANK YOU for your time & interest. If you have any questions, please message me using the form at the bottom of this page.




We are an ethical (click here) team of like-minded professionals who are passionate about helping people tap into the potential of the available online resources (such as online audio & video, podcasting, YouTube) to help you to create, connect (share) & contribute your message to a wider audience.

We are experienced in our fields of specialism & have been privileged to work with thousands of people from all walks of life around the world, at dozens of conferences, business shows, workshops & training courses as well within companies for groups & also provide private 1:1 coaching & service delivery.


We are respected as delivering industry leading training & services (click here) both online & in person, teaching clients in a fun, engaging, convenient & cost-effective manner. We thrive on helping people to easily & rapidly learn new skills that are practical via well structured, easy to digest,  micro-tutorials.

Our specialisms include online video & audio, podcasting, YouTube, websites & design, helping people to embrace these & take their business, career, project of hobby to the next level. Due to demand, we also provide the services for those who want it done for them. Ultimately, we help people to leverage their resources & fast-track their results by using technology to intelligently increase their impact & reach in the world.  Me & my team are also available for 1:1 or group coaching in person or on Skype and also deliver keynote talks & workshops. 


To make a difference! We believe that all of us have a message to share, and it’s our responsibility to share it as intelligently as possible.

We get rewarded for the level of service that we deliver into this world, thus it follows that it pays to be able to connect with more people. And over the years me & my team have discovered dozens of resources, tips & ways to help you achieve that.

Whether you’re in business, a service provider, a marketer, musician, creative, philanthropist or fundraiser you want to be able to connect with more people and we get huge satisfaction in the knowledge that we can help you do that. We see whole new worlds of opportunity open up for clients because of what we share (& do) & that is everything for us. Helping people to create, connect & contribute on a bigger scale.