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Thanks for visiting. I’m here to give you tips & resources which are making a huge difference to 1000‘s of people’s lives & businesses all around the world. Ultimately to help save you time, money & effort whilst helping you achieve accelerated results.

There is so much noise & so many tools clamouring for our attention but where to start & what to use?

Lack of time, lack of know how, being daunted or afraid by technology & not being sure who to learn from or where to start are issues I help people & businesses overcome.

I share the best of the best which can make an immediate positive impact.

I’d love to share with you & would love to start by giving you a FREE copy of my new book, 101 Ways To Grow Any Business Using Online Video.





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How to play YouTube in the background on your iPhone or iPad

YouTube videos cutting out the moment you come out of the YouTube app or web browser app on iPhones & iPads has been a source of huge frustration for millions of Apple iOS users for years. It meant you couldn't use any of the other features on your device (emails, apps, messenger etc) without your YouTube playback cutting out. So

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Get your FREE copy of my new book

I'd love to give you a copy of my new book '101 Ways to Use Online Video' from which I guarantee you'll be able to adopt, use & benefit from at least 10 of the video uses immediately. Simply CLICK HERE for immediate access...(immediate download from our sister site at The Online Video Academy)

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10 Facts You Need To Know About Online Video

Online Video Marketing Facts

No matter whatever your business, product, service or project....online video is the biggest opportunity for you. This short video shares 10 facts you need to know and I'd love to share a free copy of my new book '101 Ways to Use Online Video' which will help you understand the multiple opportunities available. To get instant access just click

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